Cyber Security Policy

The security of our partners is our top priority

Businesses and consumers like require the highest standards of security when interacting online. Fraud and cybersecurity attacks have become more frequent each year and data leaks have become a common threat.

Wyzia has improved our security operations and governance to directly combat these threats through our NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

This framework will compliment the already resilient systems Wyzia has in place, giving our partners an additional layer of protection and confidence.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is divided into five main components to target specific security needs:

  1. Identify

    What processes or assets need protection?

  2. Protect

    Implement appropriate safeguards to ensure protection of the business’ assets.

  3. Detect

    Implement appropriate mechanisms to identify cybersecurity incidents.

  4. Respond

    Develop techniques to contain cybersecurity events.

  5. Recover

    Implement processes to restore services impaired due to cybersecurity events.