The fast way to play

A faster, safer and better way to play

FastPlay is a registration solution allowing Canadian consumers to instantly start playing.

With FastPlay, the end-user’s method of payment helps to identify the end-user by providing and clarifying their personal details which are then made available to and stored by the operator.

This feature will provide more security as players will not be required to verify their identity or provide details manually.

  1. Deposit and Registration

    The end-user processes an INTERAC deposit through their online banking environment and registers at the same time.

  2. Identification

    The identification is safely done through their online banking environment. WyziaSecure offers a full KYC life cycle

  3. Withdrawl

    The end-user completes their withdrawl in the online banking environment. While the payment is confirmed, the merchant gets all the KYC information.

Countless benefits
and no downsides

  1. Deposit volume; increase up to 100% per player
  2. Average transaction value increase up to 30%
  3. Fast registration; higher conversion rates up to 40% for new customers.
  4. Secure end-user’s by not asking them to provide sensitive information (ID, bank statement, etc.)
  5. Significantly increase retention rates
  6. Instant pay-outs give customers the confidence to deposit higher amounts
  7. One integration to cover all your KYC needs, including the enhanced KYC!
  8. Better user experience than cards