Wyzia Secure

The best security layer

We assist businesses with compliance to Ontario’s specific requirements

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, it is essential for merchant and service providers to confirm the identity with those whom they are in business. Security is not only a regulatory requirement (PCMLTFA) but is a crucial element of any successful online business enterprise.

This is why we developed Wyzia Secure.

Wyzia Secure links the end-user with their financial institution, where they can verify their identity quickly and safely. This verification will facilitate the KYC (know your customer) procedure thereby reducing the risk of fraud as well as enhancing the AML (anti money laundering) and CFT (countering the financing of terrorism) protection.

Verifications use a dual-process method in one of the following ways:

  1. Confirming the person’s name and address from a reliable source.
  2. Confirming the person’s name and date of birth from a reliable source
  3. Confirming the person’s name and bank account from a reliable source

Furthermore, this integrated service will enable Wyzia to be proactively compliant and engaged with financial regulators such as FINTRAC and gaming regulators like the AGCO.

Ultimately, Wyzia Secure will ensure that merchants will receive accurate and trusted information about their end-users, allowing for better, safer, and quicker delivery of services.